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Connecting with your femininity, sexuality, accepting your body and yourself, sensual care, surrendering to masculine energy you can trust. Sensual dominance such as the fantasy of "50 shades of Gray". My massages can give you all that. The only female exclusive profesional companion of its kind in central Europe who combines Tantra, conscious sensuality and dominance.


It doesn't matter your age, figure, self-confidence, if you are nervous or if you have any concerns. All that matters is whether you're attracted to my services.

I am based in Prague, Czech Republic, but women visit me from around the world to experience the conscious touch of Eros.


I do everything to make you feel good with me from the moment you arrive. I understand that you may be nervous or worried, it's completely normal. Leave everything to me, I'll take you by the hand and lead you through the experience. You can't do anything wrong, I don't judge you, I don't evaluate you, I don't expect anything from you. I'm here for you.


Using conscious touch, I will draw you into the experience and be there with you as you need it. That's why every massage is individual and your feelings come first. ​

Read the Reviews. You can find some videos that capture the essence of my massages on this website.

Choose the service that suits you best. You can ask me anything via my Instagram or Whatsapp. I speak English fluently.

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